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Failure analysis of slurry seal

Mechanical seal and seal is by at least a pair of vertical to role in the fluid pressure and the compensation mechanism of elastic (or magnetic), and auxiliary sealing with the end surface of the axis of rotation, keep fit, and relative sliding form to prevent fluid leakage device. Mechanical premature seal failure, usually due to wrong selection, poor quality, excessive vibration pump, pump shaft axial channeling amount and no auxiliary flushing systems or auxiliary flushing system set unreasonable, repair and maintenance of adverse factors. There are 5 main leak failure:

(1) between the sleeve and the shaft seal;

(2) sealing of the moving ring and shaft seal;

(3) the seal between the dynamic and static rings;

(4) the seal between the static ring and the static ring seat;

(5) the seal between the sealing end cover and the pump body.

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