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When a sudden power fault of slurry pump what affect

When the slurry pump operation, a lot of power is needed to provide the electric energy. Therefore, if there is a sudden power failure phenomenon of slurry pump, it is very dangerous. When we use the slurry pump, make sure the current stability, 

can make the slurry pump safer work.

Then, the slurry pump suffered a sudden power failure case, what are the effects? Let's get together to understand:

1, if the slurry pump encountered a sudden power failure, it will cause because of slurry pump suddenly stops running, and the resulting system fault;

2, slurry pump suddenly stops working, very easy to cause the material operation stuck pump caused by wear, slurry pump;

3, to reduce the flow of slurry pump, valve is not closed will lead to large amounts of gas into the slurry pump, cavitation in slurry pump.Thus it can be seen that the slurry pump suddenly power cut, the harm is very big, very easy to cause the fault or damage phenomenon appears in the slurry pump.

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