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The little events that might lead to a Fault of slurry pump

Known because of strong anti pollution ability of slurry pump can adapt to the environment and all kinds of bad, are often used in some special environment. And slurry pump has the complete sealing type, making the slurry pump has a relatively 

broad market, in various industries can see the figure of slurry pump. Any powerful devices are not normal, especially in normal operation, resulting in slurry pump failure is often some small problems.

Because the environment of slurry pump is more complex, resulting in slurry pump water causes more special, which the main is because of the suction pipe is blocked, damaged impeller and packing out air inlet to the problem is the most likely cause of slurry water. To solve the problem is a main method of cleaning suction pipe blockage, repair or replacement of the impeller and check the stuffing out air inlet steering.

Slurry pump work intensity is relatively large, resulting in slurry pump power of big reasons mainly include: press the packing excessive slag slurry pump and internal friction, bearing damage and pump rolling amount is too large, the fault 

exclusion method respectively, relax the filler gland bolts, adjusting the pump clearance, repair or replacement of damaged bearings, regulating the operation of pump.

Due to the slurry pump in work with high speed, it can cause of slurry pump bearing heating, the reason generally source in lubricating oil and bearing, including lubricating oil is not clean, lubrication oil in the bearing is too large or too 

small, bearing damage etc.. The main method to eliminate the heating failure of bearings is the use of clean oil, in accordance with the requirements for the bearing lubrication, maintenance or replacement of new bearings.

The fault of slurry pump is often because of some small problems, caused by the. So need to pay attention to small problems of slurry pump usually used in the process, in order to ensure the efficient operation of slurry pump.

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