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Selection and application of slurry pumps

In actual use, due to the limitation of the awareness of the slurry pumps, slurry pump selection and application theory knowledge in insufficient, production in the selected pump working poor, not only to production and management bring certain 

difficulties, but also increase the energy consumption and spare parts cost. Today we will introduce the selection and application of slurry pump.

Selection of slurry pump

Slurry pump selection factors, determined by the slurry pump (water) head h and water flow rate Q and (with) according to the slurry pump manufacturers the production of slurry pump design of pump characteristic curve of comprehensive accounting, so as to select the appropriate types of slurry pump.

Also customers in the selection of slurry pump (including impurity pump, filter pump, liquid slurry pump, slurry pump, slurry pump, the paper pulp pump, strong pump etc. similar products), in addition to consider the flow - lift, should also be 

combined with the industry's own industrial characteristics and media haracteristics (such as: concentration, viscosity, pH, temperature, grain hardness, specific gravity and other factors), comprehensive consideration, reasonable selection, scientific configuration, in order to achieve high efficiency and low energy consumption to;

Professional in supplying all kinds of mine slurry pumps,warman pump and spare parts, like rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, warman gravel slurry pump,and clean water pump, etc.

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