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The specific reasons for slurry pump impeller wear

Simply speaking, the slurry pumps impeller is the wheel of the wheel, which is a part of the impulse turbine rotor. Also refers to the roulette and installation of the rotating blades in general and in using slurry pump impeller is to transfer energy to the 

fluid of blade rotating body, slurry pumps with the impeller mainly four forms: closed impeller, semi open impeller, half open impeller and open impeller.

Because of slurry pump as long as the role is used for processing and conveying liquid impurities, so the wear is more powerful, because the impeller is in the transportation of main equipment, so is wear the most serious place to explain 

specific causes of wear of slurry pump impeller.

From a professional point of view: the geometric parameters of the impeller will affect the impeller wear, the advantages and disadvantages of slurry pump performance. Therefore, the selection of geometric parameters of the impeller is very important. 

By analysis of the impeller inlet and outlet angles of the size of the impeller wear a greater impact.When the inlet angle and over an hour, with the flow of the mixture, when the abrasive impeller arrived at the entrance, due to changes in the direction of movement, by the axial to radial, due to the effect of inertia and centrifugal force, particles that are easy to concentrate at the rear, head of impeller by near the hub site will be vulnerable to serious wear, with the attendant will intensify entrance angle changes, lead to the intensification of the wear.

According to the above theory can be: when the outlet angle is not appropriate, the abrasive grain with the liquid flow to the outlet of the impeller, the direction of movement will change, will cause the impeller exit angle near the wear.

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