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What precautions when using slurry pumps and troubleshooting?

Conceptually slurry pump from the most basic means by means of centrifugal force, which is the role of the pump impeller rotates the solid, liquid mixed media increased energy a mechanical, electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy and potential energy of the media device. Mainly applies to: in mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and petroleum industries, although slurry of very broad, but at the time of slurry before and 

troubleshooting, is the appropriate precautions.

        Slurry pump before use should be noted: line voltage and electrical safety, because the sea water pump is working in wet conditions, the power switch should be installed before the leakage protection switch. Filter poor quality filters should 

be set up to prevent debris sucked slurry pump affect operation of the pump.

       Slurry pump is integrally connected with the pump motor, the motor rotor is pivot bearing pump bearings, power transmission was rigid rotation of the pump impeller working valve. Between the pump impeller and vortex shell only from 0.10 

to 0.22 mm gap, sand debris easily stuck impeller, the motor rotor can not be rotated and malfunction.

      From failure analysis repair the pump impeller stuck due to damage to the motor rate accounted for eighty percent or more. When closing the power switch is found motor does not turn, should promptly turn off the power, electrical work is to produce a rotating magnetic field inductance, a short time will not damage the motor. You can use a screwdriver to remove the motor cover, left and right hand rotating fan blades until flexible Replace the cover and then power.

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