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Our company is a top slurry pump manufacturer of China

Our company is a top slurry pump manufacturer of China, 13 years experience in manufacturing equipment, slurry pumps productefficiency, energy saving, nvironmental protection.Slurry (slurry pump) belong to a centrifugal pump from working principle, conceptually refers to centrifugal force (pump impeller rotation) the role of the solid, liquid mixed media increased energy a mechanical, electrical energy is converted into media kinetic and potential energy equipment. Mainly applies to: in mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and petroleum industries. The name is a centrifugal slurry pump from the perspective of the transmission medium to division. Further slurry from different angles can also be divided into different types of concrete. In addition to pumping water pump can also be pumping gas, solid, solid-liquid mixture - Mineral Mud! Pump large proportion of electricity consumption in the country's total electricity consumption, energy savings pump has an important impact on the national economy, the pump plays an active role not only in the energy segment, the thermal reduction process also plays an important role.

Generally applicable to transport liquid pump (water) containing suspended solids called slurry. Currently beneficiation,coal preparation plant each one of the devices indispensable process. Slurry different principles can be divided into single-stage / multi-stage, single-suction / double suction, cantilevered, horizontal / vertical and horizontal split casing / vertically integrated and other types, as shown, the basic structure of the impeller pump casing, shaft, bearings and bracket composition further includes an electric motor power, to wheel or belt wheel couplings, wear parts also include liner bushings, seals, including seals, vice impeller support It includes brackets, etc., but the internal principle is the same, when the rapid rotation of the impeller blades to promote media quickly, the rotation of the medium from the impeller flying under the effect of centrifugal force, after being thrown medium pump impeller the central portion forming a vacuum region, the medium at atmospheric pressure (or pressure) to the pressure action feed pipe through the pipe network. This endless cycle, we can achieve a continuous feed, so as to achieve the lift and flow process design requirements. Of course, the feeding mode currently used push-through, which is higher than the feeding tube material level, you can subtract steps fromthe pipes or pump casing to internal irrigation.

we have mine pumps,rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump weclome to our company buying slurry pumps.we will offer you good Service.

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