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Sewage Water Pump

Sewage pump working Range:

1.Medium temperature can not exceed 600C normally. 





Project Description

1.Brief introduction

It is one of the new generation sewage pump ,which designed base on international advanced technology,advanced in energy saving,high efficiency,wrapped proof,non clogged,auto installation and control,have excellent performance for medium contains particles and fibres.

2. Sewage pump working Range

1.Medium temperature can not exceed 600C normally. 





6.Pump without cooling system inside,its motor part above the liquid level can not exceed 1/3 of whole pump length.

7.submersible,safe,long life,operate. 

3. Features

1.Hydraulic design with wide flow-path non-clogged structure ,allowed fibres(3 times length of inlet diameter),particles(30% size of inlet diameter

2.Excellent design,high efficiency and energy saving .

3.Double mechanical seals in series,made of hard alloy corrosive proof tungsten carbide,which is durable and .wearable ,that enable pump safely operation for more than 8000 hours continues.

4.Compact structure, small volume, easy moved and conveniently mounted , no need build pump house, greatly reduce the cost.

5.Sensor inside the oil house ensure pump operation at well condition,when mechanical seal broken and water come into oil house,it will send out signal and protect the pump automatically .

6.Double guide rail self coupled system,makes much convenient for repairing,people no need to get in and out of the sewage pool.

7.Pump with out cooling jack can make sure pump operation at dry condition or dry performance

8.installing way: Hose Movable Installation / Auto-coupling Installation

9.Control panel and float switch are available to pump if required.

4. Materials

1.Pump body:cast iron

2.impeller:cast iron

3.motor housing:stainless steel

4.Moter wire:copper

5. Pump Application

Mainly apply to delivery sewage water ,waste water and rain water contains solids and fibres:

1.municipal project

2.building construction

3.residential area

4.industrial sewage treatment

5.environment protect


like rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, gravel slurry pump,and clean water pump, etc.offerd by our factory.


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