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The best pump for slurry for sale

Best pump for slurry is also called slurry pump. The best pump for slurry is innovative in the design of structure and hydraulic performance. Flow channel parts are made of abrasion resistant high chromium alloy. The best pump for slurry has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, wear-resisting and reliable running etc.

The best pump for slurry can convey gravel, slurry or sand with the solid and liquid density up to 60%. The best pump for slurry is suitable to convey strong erosion slurry, slag or grout contained solid particles. The best pump for slurry is widely used in pumping mining tailings, extracting sand, land reclamation, electric coal-ash etc.

slurry pump Features

1.Double pump case structure.

2.High lift, long distance delivery.

3.Suction concentration up to 60%.

4.Flow channel parts are made of high chrome alloy, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

5.Vice impeller seal, packing seal or the mechanical seal to ensure no slurry leakage.

6.High efficiency, energy saving, long working life and reliable running performance.

7.Within the allowable pressure range, the slurry pump can be used in multiple stages connection.

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