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Slurry pumps manufacturer

Slurry pumps are cantilevered,horizontal and centrifugal slurry pumps. Mud pumps, impurity pumps, dredge pumps and desilting pumps all belong to category of slurry pumps.Slurry pumps are heavy duty slurry pumps used to transport the strong abrasive high density or low density high head slurry. Under the allowable pressure, they can be installed in multistage series.Slurry pumps are middle duty slurry pumps used to transport the fine particle size and middle density slurry.

Popular Applications of slurry pumps 

1. Filter Press Feed Pumps 

2. Pipeline Transport  

3. Coal Prep Plants 

4. Pulp and Paper 

5. Lime Slurry Pumping 

6. Sand Pumping 

7. Large Particle Slurry 

8.Sump Operations 

9.Cyclone Feed 

10. Dredging

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