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Slurry pump for sale

Slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump to transport slurry materials under the centrifugal force. It transfer the electricity energy into kinetic and position energy. The Slurry pump is widely applied in mine, electricity, metallurgy, coal and environmental protection for abrasive solid containing slurry transportation. It can also be used to transport some corrosive slurry with crystals.

Slurry pump Features

1. Horizontal, cantilevered, single-casing structure, centrifugal pump.

2. Wide passage , good performance of NPSH, anti-wearing and anti-corrosion, high efficiency

3. Easy installation.discharge outlet can be adjusted at any direction of 360.

4. Cylinder bearing assembly,grease lubrication ,adjusting the distance between impeller and pump.

5. The shaft seal uses the packing seal,expeller seal and mechanical seal.

6. Drive type: V-belt drive, gearbox drive, elastic coupling drive, fluid couplings drive,frequency conversion drive, silicon controlled rectifier speed regulation,etc

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