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high head slurry pump for sale

High head slurry pump Introduction:

Type high head slurry pump are cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal pumps, outlet from 25mm to 450mm. They are also named as heavy slurry pump because of bear-abrasive parts and heavy base.

slurry high head pumps are used to pump high-hardness, strong-corrosion and high-concentration liquids that contain suspended solid particles, such as finished ores, refuse ores, ashes, cinders, cements, mud, mineral stones, lime and etc. in the industries of metallurgy, mining, coal, power, building material and etc. The temperature of the pumped solid-liquid mixture should be ≤80oC, and the weight concentration should be ≤60

high head slurry pump Feature:

1. The frame plates for  small slurry pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or rubber liners.

2. The impellers are made of wear-resistant metal or rubber. The frame plate liner and impeller for small slurry pump are adoptable of hard metal only.

3. Bearing assembly use cylindrical structure,adjusting the space between impeller and front liner easily, being removed completely when being repaired. Bearing assembly use grease lubrication.

4. The shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.

5. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications

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