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Gravel Pump for sale

Gravel Pump is horizontal single-casting slurry pumps with wide passage to transfer gravel sand or slurry with big particle size. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-Chrome alloys to ensure longer service life. 

Gravel Pump has far better performance than common pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and mineral processing, etc. .

We are one of the best gravel sand suction pump in China. ZS series sand suction pump is designed for continuously handing the most difficult higher abrasive slurries which contain too big solids. The sand suction pump is casted as a single pump casing structure with smooth over-current channel.The overflow part is made of hard nickel and high chromium wear resistant alloy. The outlet direction of horizontal sand suction pump can be adjusted according to the request direction.

The sand suction pump pump is suitable for delivering strong abrasive slurry containing bigger particles in mining, explosive sludge in metal melting, dredging and so on.

The advantages of the sand suction pump pump are heavy flow, easy installation and operation, good performance of NPSH and abrasion resistance.

we are Gravel Pump manufacturer,if you want to buy Gravel Pump,pls contact us.

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