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The main accessories and structural style of the centrifugal pump (2)

Though there are many structural style of the centrifugal pumps, because of its same working principle, the main accessories are similar. There are the main accessories of the centrifugal pump. Today we will introduce another three accessories of the centrifugal pumps.

1.sealing ring.

Because of the energy transfer when the impeller rotates, there are two parts in the centrifugal pump, high pressure area and low pressure area. In order to reduce the liquid flow from the high pressure area to the lower one, there are two seal ring on the pump body and impellers respectively. The seal rings can be replaced easily.

2. Shaft seal part.

At the place where pump spindle reach out of the pump body, there are shaft seal part between them. The shaft seal functions of the centrifugal pumps are reducing the liquid flow out of the pump and prevent the air into the pump. There are four kinds of shaft seal: rubber seal, packing seal, mechanical seal and floating ring seal.

3. Axial force balance mechanism.

Axial force refers to the dissymmetry force of the rotors during the operation. Single stage pump mainly adopt the balance pipe to balance the axial force, while the multi-stage pumps generally use the balancing drum.

Besides those parts we mentioned, the centrifugal pump also have other parts like pump spindle, bearing body, coupling and others.

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