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Slurry pump volute liner casing functions

In order to ensure the slurry pump in good running, we should be know the function of slurry pump volute casing

The slurry pump casing has functions as follows;

1) Closed the impeller to a certain space, so that inhaled and forced out liquid through the role of the impeller.

2) Most of Pump casings are made to be Volute-shaped, it is also called the volute

Because the area of channel section is widening , the high speed liquid around the impeller gradually reduce the flow velocity, and part of the kinetic energy is converted to static pressure can effectively

3) The pump casing is not only collected liquid that thrown out by the impeller , but also an energy conversion device

4) Lead evenly the liquid to the impeller, collect the high-speed flowed liquid from the impeller, and send to the next level or export-led.

5) Realize the energy conversion, Reduce the flow speed, transform the kinetic energy to pressure energy .

6) Connect other components, and play a supporting role.

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