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The working notice of slurry pumps

Work in slurry pump, the pump needs to be placed on land, water pipe on the water, also need filling liquid mud and slurry pump start due to subject to structural 

constraints, work motor placed above the surface of the water pump into the water, and therefore must be fixed, otherwise, the motor off to water can lead to motor 

scrap. Due to the long axis length is generally fixed, so the pump installation more difficult, applications are many restrictions. If you have a spare pump, two pumps 

take turns using the best. If the pump card only to repair the pump, a net increase in the intake, don't let too many impurities into the pump so that the card pump 

probability will be much smaller! Pump to divided into two aspects: power and the machine, the machine, mainly of the previous maintenance records from than know way. 

The second is the aspect of power, understand the power of each pump motor, have a certain understanding of his control system. The slurry pump mechanical seal, seal 

water supply must be guaranteed. Running water is prohibited, otherwise the mechanical seal will be destroyed. Along with science and technology continues to progress and slurry pump widely used in industrial production and technology for slurry pump in the inquiry will still continue, problems of slurry pump in the production process, one step further improved and updated, the slurry pump overall function improved in deep, in order to more adapt to the modernization of industrial production.

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