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How to select the appropriate pump according to the transportation system

(1) compare the tailings pump mainly containing centrifugal pump type and volume type, class two, to highlight the advantages of centrifugal pump flow is the outstanding 

advantages of wide coverage, volume type pump is high lift.

(2) slurry pump single stage pump head lower, multistage tandem lift head, commonly used in short distance, low lift tailings transportation, for large flow, do not 

lift too high, take series, usually is economical and reasonable. 

(3) volumetric pump in common with plunger pump, diaphragm pump, water (the ball) isolation pump, oil isolation pump etc., by contrast, diaphragm pump and plunger pump high lift, diaphragm pump flow is larger, the type of pump in the high lift often use, long distance tailings transportation system is widely used in the.

(4) in view of the large discharge and lift is not too high tailings transportation system should be through economic and technical comparison, finalized take a 

suitable what kind of pump, in practical engineering, the technology can meet the, due to the difference in the prices of all kinds of pumps, economic factors tend to become key elements of pump selection.

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