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Common fault analysis of slurry pump

(1) slurry pump in installation process, resulting in failure, mainly in the following aspects: 1 due to the transport process caused by pump internal components, loose, the installation process is not carefully check, resulting in pump operation after failure; 2 on the bearing parts without sufficient lubrication, causing the pump cast after failure; 3 before installing sealing damaged, not found, cause the pump put into operation after the failure. For the pump before installation should be according to equipment installation instructions for each component are examined to ensure all parts intact, fasteners, sufficient lubrication of the bearing parts, to ensure that the seal is not damaged, good seal. In addition, choose the installation location can not be ignored should be as far as possible away from the side of the pool angle.

(2) slurry pump in the running process of the common faults, mainly in the following aspects: 1.seal wear or failure; 2.bearing wear or damage; 3.the wear of the impeller; 4. caused by vibration loose fasteners. Slurry pump in the practical use of our factory, the lower end of the bearing is soaked in the sludge tank, pump operation for a period of time after the sealing piece is in the sludge impurities to wear and failure, impurities in sewage sludge will penetrate into the bearing within the bearing damage. So as to greatly reduce the service life of the bearing, bearing damage, reducing the accuracy of lead to pump in the operation of vibration increase, the looseness of fasteners and other issues. So, to improve the working environment of the bearing, prolong the service life of the bearing problem is the key problems in slurry pump maintenance.

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