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The principle and function of the auxiliary impeller seal

Vice impeller dynamic seal is a rotary sealing structure, also called hydrodynamic seal. It can overcome some shortcomings of mechanical seals and packing, especially suitable for other occasions it is difficult to seal. Such as high speed, high temperature and sealing with strong corrosive or suspension of a solid medium industry etc.. Vice impeller dynamic seal has the advantages of simple structure, reliable sealing, the use of the advantages of long service life, the liquid does not leak, has been widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, light industrial pump. Especially in thermal power plant used to pumping pulverized coal, ash and slag will pump has been widely used, and achieved obvious effect.

Vice impeller dynamic seals are usually made of deputy leaves (also called back blade), vice impeller, guide vanes and parking sealing device etc..

The role of vice impeller is to reduce the pump cavity pressure, achieve balance the axial force of prevent particles from entering the sealing device. So it is often used in pump pumping contain impurities, such as the slurry pump, and the like.

Vice impeller is a small centrifugal pump, high pressure liquid head on its main impeller outlet to leak out. Pump stop, vice impeller does not work, so it should be equipped with parking sealing device.

The role of fixed guide vane is eliminating liquid rotation, the Deputy impeller back pressure on the lower side of the pressure less than the vice impeller diameter, if there is a fixed guide vane, can prevent the rotation of the liquid, light back pressure of the lower side of the pressure and the Deputy impeller diameter almost, this is to improve the Deputy impeller sealing pressure.

Because the vice impeller play a role in sealing the pump operation, shutdown to prevent liquid leakage, should be installed at the same time parking sealing device. The so-called parking sealing device is in the pump stop, blocking device to leak the residual pressure of liquid. Therefore, parking seals should have two functions: when the shutdown should ensure timely closure, to prevent leakage; and the operation should ensure a timely release, so that the sealing surface wear and energy consumption.

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