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What is the slag mud pump?

A slag mud pump is a large pump used to move heavy drilling fluid, known as mud, within a hole when drilling for oil. The pump circulates the mud by pushing it down into the hole and then moving it back up again. Mud pumps are reciprocating pumps, meaning that they use oscillating pistons or plungers to displace the fluid.

A slag mud pump is a single acting pump, so the fluid will move in only one direction. A hole, or well, is drilled into the ground, and the mud is pushed by the mud pump down piping to the bottom of the hole. The pressure then forces the mud up the annulus, or the space that surrounds the piping.

The "slag mud" used is drilling for oil consists of emulsified water or oil, clay and chemicals. For safety reasons, it is tailor-made to the particular chemical 

conditions of the drilling. Its purpose is to float rock cuttings out of the hole, clean the bottom of the hole and cool the drilling equipment. It also acts as the 

initial barrier in case of a blowout by resisting the pressure from any fluid within the rock that might enter the well.

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