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Installation and disassembly of mechanical seals

Mechanical seal suitable for slurry pump environment: due to mechanical seal generally applicable in a clean, no suspended particles of the medium used, therefore, the newly installed pipeline system and a reservoir irrigation should be carefully rinsed to prevent solid impurities into the mechanical seal face the money so that seal failure. In the easy crystallization of the media, the use of mechanical seals should pay attention to the regular washing. Before starting to restart the machine, the mechanical seal must be cleaned.The installation of mechanical seal and precautions before slurry pump.

1, should check whether all the sealing element is invalid or damaged, if there is to be re repaired or replaced.

2, strictly checking the dynamic ring and the static ring relative friction between the sealing surface, any slight scratches scratches and other defects are not allowed.

3, all other parts, including the pump body, impeller, seal chamber and so on before the assembly should be washed thousands of net, especially the dynamic and static ring end face, to use clean, soft cloth or cotton yarn carefully wipe clean, and 

then coated with a layer of clean grease or oil.To the attention of slurry pump mechanical seal assembly

1, the elimination of deviation, fastening screws, to be evenly tightened, to avoid deviation, so that the sealing failure.

2, the correct adjustment play yellow compression, pump installed, to manually pulling the rotor, should feel to seal yellow bomb is certain pressure shrinking and lively, flexible rotation and no bite feeling. If the feeling is too tight or disk 

does not move, it should be appropriate to relax some of the.

3, the mechanical seal with external washing, before starting the first flush wave, so that the sealed cavity filled with sealing liquid. When stopping, the first stop pump, then shut the seal flushing fluid.

Slurry pump mechanical seal disassembly

1, the demolition of mechanical seal should be careful, must not use the iron hammer, percussion, so as not to damage the dynamic and static ring sealing surface.

2, if there is dirt can not be removed, should try to remove dirt, rinse after removal, so as not to damage the sealing element.

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