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The slurry pump bearing effect and common problems

The bearing is used as the mass of the supporting rotating part, and the axial force and the radial force in the running of the water pump are subjected. Commonly used bearings are rolling and sliding bearings of the two major categories. Rolling 

bearings work better performance, but when the ball around the speed increases, the performance of the work to change, if the ball broken, pump running when the rotating part will be damaged. Generally speaking, the pump shaft diameter in the 60mm following the use of rolling bearings. The sliding bearing can bear larger load, and the pump shaft diameter is more than 75mm. When the pump is running, the heat of the bearing is larger, and the water can be lubricated and cooled.

The following reasons and treatment methods of slag bearing heat pump:

1, bearing pads scraping undesirable. Processing method is to repair or replace the bearing pad.

2, the bearing clearance is too small. Processing method is to re adjust the bearing clearance or scraping.

3, insufficient lubricating oil, oily bad. The treatment method is to increase the amount of oil or to replace the lubricating oil.

4, bearing assembly is poor. According to the requirements of the processing method is to check the bearing assembly, eliminating the requirements of different factors.

5, cooling water circuit breaker. Processing method is to check and repair.

6, bearing wear or loose. Processing method is to repair the bearing or scrap. If the loose association, re tighten the bolt.

7, pump shaft bending. The treatment method is to correct the pump shaft.

8, oil ring deformation, oil ring can not rotate, with no oil. Processing method is to update the oil ring.

9, coupling on the bad or the axial gap is too small. Processing method is to check the situation and adjust the axial gap.

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