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How to adjust the slurry pump flow?

Throttle is in the pipe conveying fluid change valve opening to regulate the flow of slurry pump, that is, to change the pipeline characteristic curve. Adjust the slurry pump with what method of traffic? Which is the common method? Commonly used method is slag slurry pump outlet end of the flow regulating, because inlet throttle regulation will reduce the inlet pressure, caused by cavitation erosion risk.Throttling drawback is slurry pump flow is small, easy to cause the impeller 

cavitation. This is because of the slurry pump impeller in the prime mover driven by high-speed rotation, when the valve opening decreases, the flow of slurry pump decreased with the, when the slurry pump flow is too low, not of the impeller and 

the liquid friction generated heat completely away, resulting in the increase of the temperature of the liquid in the slurry pump. 

Thus causing liquid vaporization, the formation of cavitation. Especially in the power plant boiler feed water pump is more significant. Therefore, the use of throttle adjustment to set the recirculation system, increase the output flow of the pump to prevent cavitation. When the water flow down to 1 / 3 of the maximum flow, it should be open recirculating pump, the flow through the pump increased properly, so as to guarantee to the temperature of the liquid in the slurry pump not to rise.

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