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Shijiazhuang Gravel pump wear protection

Shijiazhuang Gravel pump wear protection and surface treatment can use coating material choice of a wide range, so the early use of thin and rigid traditional ceramic coating in today has a back seat. For a particular form of wear and tear, elasticity and toughness of material is very important, and for other gravel pump wear types, surface hardness is the decisive factor.

Carbide coating is through high-speed flame spraying (HVOF) deposition in the surface layer of gravel pump, this material make it hard for gravel pump to wear. Usually more appropriate use of material is tungsten carbide and cobalt, nickel and cobalt - chromium alloy composite material. Benefit from the powder coating and the progress of thermal spraying technology, the material is wear-resisting and strong, can be used under arbitrary erosion Angle.

Thermal spraying coating can be used in most of the sand substrate, but as a line-of-sight process, for some complex shape and in parts of a microporous coating has the certain difficulty. But for general gravel pump wear is enough.

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