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Method for reducing wear of slurry pump

In order to reduce the wear of slurry pump, pump life extension, can select the way from different point of view, we will generalize for these measures in terms of design, material selection and pump selection etc..

Using the solid-liquid mixture dynamics principle and rheological properties of slurry pump, hydraulic design and structural design of pump, so as to fit the solid-liquid mixture movement in the pump flow rules, cut the eddy current and partial loss, reduce wear.

1) according to the motion trajectory of solid particles in the solid-liquid mixture in the flow passage, the leaf blade and the runner shape design.

2) the flow of the channel section is uniform, and the vortex shedding and the two flow are reduced.

3) the design of the impeller outlet is concave.

4) the impeller and the pump body is appropriate for thickening.

5) metal and rubber sleeves can be exchanged, etc.

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