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The difference between vertical and horizontal slurry pump

slurry pump mainly from four aspects: comparison of start-up mode, slurry pump installation area, structure, maintenance.

1, start: horizontal pump to start from, vertical slurry pump is not located under water, the impeller, suction performance is good, it can use the high speed, it can work normally in the condition of insufficient intake.

2, the installation area: horizontal pump covers an area of large, large occupied area needs to be installed; vertical slurry covers an area of small, light weight, using slurry pump units such as the area is limited, can choose the appropriate 

vertical slurry.

3, structure: horizontal slurry pump is double pump shell structure, vertical slurry pump shell structure.

4, maintenance: horizontal slurry pump is located above the water surface, convenient maintenance. The work of slurry pump vertical submerged in the liquid level and inconvenient maintenance.

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