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What kinds of sewage pump?

1, the structure of the impeller type water pump type impeller: the structure is divided into four categories: blade type (open and closed), cyclone type, channel type, (including single channel and dual channel) spiral centrifugal four open, semi open impeller has the advantages of easy fabrication, when the impeller blocked, clean and the maintenance is easy, but in the long run, the particle abrasion will make the clearance of blade and the side wall of the indoor water pressure increase, thereby reducing efficiency. And the increase of the gap will destroy the differential pressure distribution on the blade. Not only a large number of vortex loss, but also to increase the axial force, at the same time, due to the increasing gap, the flow of fluid flow in the stability of the flow is destroyed, so that the pump vibration, the type of impeller is not easy to transport large particles and long fiber medium, the type of impeller efficiency is low, the highest efficiency is about 92% of the ordinary closed impeller, head curve is relatively flat.

2, swirl impeller: the type of impeller pump, due to the impeller part or all of the pressure water chamber. So no clogging performance, over the ability of particles and long fiber through the ability. The particles in the pressure water flow through the impeller rotation of the vortex generated by the movement of the particles, the suspended particles themselves do not produce energy, but in the flow channel and liquid exchange energy. In the flow process, the suspended particles or long fibers do not contact with the leaves, leaves the situation much less wear and tear, there is no space because of increased erosion and, in the long run will not cause a serious decline in efficiency, the type of impeller pump used for pumping large particles with the medium and long fibers. From the performance, the efficiency of the impeller is relatively low, only about 70% of the ordinary closed impeller, the head curve is relatively flat.

3, closed impeller sewage pump: the type of the high efficiency of the impeller. And in the long run, the situation is relatively stable, with the type of impeller pump axial force is small, and can be set on the front and rear of the blade. The side blades on the front cover can reduce the vortex loss of the impeller inlet and the wear of the particles on the sealing ring. On the back side vane not only play the role of axial force balance, but also can prevent the suspended particles into the cavity of the mechanical seal mechanical seal protection. But the poor non blocking, easy to wound the type of impeller, not in pumping with large particles (long fiber) end after the sewage medium.

4, runner type impeller sewage pump: this kind of impeller belongs to the impeller of the impeller, the impeller is a curved channel from the inlet to the outlet. Therefore suitable for pumping large particles and long fibers containing medium. Good anti blocking property. From the performance, the type of impeller efficiency and ordinary closed impeller is not big difference, but with the type of impeller pump head curve is relatively steep drop. Power curve is relatively stable, not easy to produce the problem of super power, but this type of impeller cavitation performance than ordinary closed impeller, especially suitable for use in a pressure pump.

5, spiral centrifugal impeller: the impeller of the blade is a twisted helical blade, the conical hub body from the suction port along the axial extension. The impeller of the pump and the role of the pump and the centrifugal pump, suspended particles in the flow of the blade, do not hit any part of the pump, it is good. Little damage to transport. Due to the promotion of the role of helix, suspended particles through strong, so use the type of impeller suitable for pumping large particles and long fibers containing medium, medium and high concentration. In the case of the destruction of the transmission medium has the obvious characteristics of the occasion.

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