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The basic conditions for the selection of slurry pump

Pump to our life brings many benefits, you know the basic conditions for the selection of the pump? Stone pump to help you solve: the basic conditions of pump selection should be based on process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, from the liquid delivery volume, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions for several conditions to choose.

1, the flow is one of the important performance parameters of the pump, it is directly related to the whole device's production capacity and transport capacity. Shi told pump can calculate the slurry pump normal, minimum and maximum of three 

kinds of process flow design institute in everyone. Select the pump, the maximum flow rate as the basis, taking into account the normal flow, in the absence of maximum flow, usually 1.1 times the normal traffic flow as the maximum flow.

2, the device system is required to pump the head is another important performance data, the general need to use the 5%-10% margin after the amplification of the head to select.

3, liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other physical properties are temperature, density and viscosity of the medium diameter of solid particles and gas content, which involves 

the system's head type, effective cavitation margin calculation and the right pump; chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion and the toxicity of the liquid medium is an important basis for the selection of materials and the selection of pump seal.

4, the system of piping layout conditions refers to the transmission medium height, the transmission medium and the distance of the medium, the lowest level of the suction side, discharge side of the highest level and some data and pipe specifications and its length, material, pipe size, quantity, etc., so that the system head calculation and the check of the cavitation.

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