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Maintenance of slurry pump

1) connected with the slurry pump start, also follow the above method. Just open a pump after the pump outlet valve can be opened for a final point (opening size to a pump motor current rated current should be 1/4), and then be launched two level three 

until the last stage pump, tandem pump all started, can gradually open the outlet valve of pump stage the size of the valve opening speed, should be based on the pump vibration and any pump motors are not rated current to grasp.

2) pump should start the pump inlet valve in the pump outlet valve closed before the shipment. And then start the pump, the pump starts up and then slowly start the pump outlet valve, the pump outlet valve opening size and speed, should be pump and 

motor does not exceed the rated current to master.

3) in the pump operation, in addition to monitoring the flow, pressure, but also to monitor the motor not exceed the motor rated current. At any time to monitor the oil seal, bearing and so on whether the occurrence of the phenomenon of the pump, 

the pump is taking time or overflow, and so on, and at any time to deal with

4) slurry pump mainly for the purpose of conveying flow, so the monitoring system in the best equipment on the flow meter (meter), to monitor the flow of compliance with the requirements; in the pipeline system, a cyclone slag flushing system, 

filtration system also requires a certain pressure on the pipeline outlet. Therefore, in such a system should be installed on the pressure gauge to monitor the pressure is in line with the requirements.

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