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ZJ series slurry pump product notes

1, must ensure that the slurry pump shaft of the steering direction and the pump shell on the arrow. Motor test must be completely out of the pump with the pump, the motor drives the pump shaft rotation, otherwise, will lead to damage to parts.

2, the slurry pump packing seal, packing must be required to add before driving.

3, slurry pumps with mechanical seal, seal water supply must be guaranteed. No water running, or mechanical seal will burn.

4, the slurry pump oil lubrication, oil should be according to the standard before driving the oil gas line. No oil to drive, otherwise, the bearing will burn.

5, when the pump coupling or pump belt pulley, to protect the mechanical seal is not caused by the impact of the impact force, you must first enter the pump coupling or pump pulley, to load the mechanical seal. Otherwise the hammer hammer force may cause the mechanical seal, static ring rupture.

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