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Matters needing attention in the process of slurry pump operation

At present most slurry pump is the concentrator used in mining industry, the main processing is the primary ore, the wear of slurry pump in such circumstances will be relatively more serious, so its service life is relatively low, especially 

according to the size of the ore particles, the hardness of different slurry abrasion degree will the difference. Here, we try to understand the slurry operation need to pay attention to what.

Slurry seal and the seal does not require any water, also can work in the condition of insufficient intake. SP type pump body for wear-resistant metal, the impeller selection of wear-resistant metal or rubber, polyurethane material manufacturing. SPR type pump is immersed in the liquid parts are lined with rubber. Suitable for conveying corrosive slag slurry. Slurry pump characteristics and application of SP and SPR type pump for liquid under the vertical centrifugal slurry pump, liquid, used for conveying abrasion and coarse and high concentration slurry.

The slurry pump in the work process, should be placed in the pump body on the ground, keep the stability of the pump body. If the mud pump or slurry to working under the water slurry pump, is limited to the structure of the pump must be placed into the water when the motor is placed in the water and keep the stability of slurry pump fixed.

In the slurry pump are part of the mechanical seal, the use of this kind of slurry seal water supply must be guaranteed, and prohibited anhydrous condition, avoid dry grinding burning due to mechanical seal. In general, the slurry pump mechanical 

seal before use should be connected to water seal, while stopping the pump should be maintained for at least 3 minutes over the water.

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