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What matters needing attention after the installation of slurry pump

Slurry pump is a complicated mechanical installation and debugging, all you do, some manufacturers think Everything will be fine. after installation, there are some small details can not be ignored the need to pay attention to. So, what need to pay 

attention to the matter? Let's come down and see it together!Check and adjust the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate.

1. General clearance should be in 0.75-1.0mm.

2 motor rotation direction adjustment. The rotation direction of the motor should ensure that with the specified direction,not the reverse rotation, otherwise it will cause tripping or damage to other parts of the water pump impeller. Pump and 

motor should be completely torn off after,3 re inspection of motor steering gear adjustment. The use of elastic column pin coupling, should be on the good column pin and protective cover. Use of belt drive, slurry should be adjusted on the belt, tension, and good protective cover. Fastener adjustment. Tighten all fasteners with wrench.

The specifications, quality and quantity of the lubricating oil shall be in accordance with the provisions of the technical documents of the equipment, and the site shall be pre run according to the technical documents of the equipment. Tools and clean up debris placed slurry pump unit, to prevent accidents in the operation of the pump. Before starting the pump and slurry pump liquid outlet valve should be in the following open position: entrance valve: open the outlet valve; centrifugal 

pump, fully closed, fully open the pump.

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