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What factors affect the service life of slurry pump

Slurry pump is widely used, in many industries have an important role. The slurry pump in different industries in different roles, so abrasion are also different, so the service life is different. Below the slurry pump to take you to understand what factors affect the life of the slurry pump?

slurry pump in mineral processing, coal, power, and other fields have been applied to choose sand. In the mineral processing industry, the primary condition of the ore is poor, so the use of the slurry pump is very low. Of course, different minerals, abrasive are not the same. As in the transportation section relative abrasive concentrate pump decreases, the overall service life is long.

1, packing seal water pressure should be higher than the pump discharge port pressure 35kPa;

2, submersible slurry pump liner rubber impeller maximum head should not exceed 63m. Maximum allowable line speed should be no more than 30m/m;

3, the pump transmission device can choose flexible coupling, transmission belt or hydraulic coupler, etc.. Coupling, V belt and belt wheel shall have a safety shield;

4, bearing the general selection of rolling bearings, and the use of dilute oil or grease lubrication, its operating temperature should not exceed 75 degrees C.

In the coal field, large coal, coal gangue is easy to block the slurry pump, it is also easy to cause lower slurry pump life. In power, sand and other fields were also chosen because the work environment is different, there are different degrees of abrasive slurry pump, so the service life of slurry pump has a certain influence.

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