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The five reason for slurry pump can't pumping water

We in the operation of the device, the slurry pumps for deep understanding helps us skilled operation, and equipment problems can be timely troubleshooting and enable rapid equipment normal operation, today we for slurry pump pumping makes a summary, as follows:

1, the slurry pump before the start of irrigation with enough water; looks irrigation from the vent hole overflow, but did not turn the pump shaft completely discharged air delivery, resulting in a little air left in a water inlet pipe or pump.

2, contact with the slurry pump water pipe level segment upstream flow direction of application of more than 0.5% decline in the slope, is connected with the water pump inlet end is highest, not to complete the level. The upward tilt, will be retained within the inlet air, reduce the degree of vacuum pipe and slurry pump, the impact of water.

3, slurry packing due to long-term use has worn or packing pressed too loose, causing a lot of water ejected from the packing and the shaft sleeve gap, the result is the outside air is from the gap into the inside the pump, affecting the water 


4, the water pipe for a long time, the pipe wall corrosion appear holes, the water pump works after the water continues to decline, when these holes exposed surface, the air from the hole into the water pipe.

5, the water pipe bend in the crack, the water pipe and the water pump connecting the small gap, it is possible to make the air into the inlet pipe.

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