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What's the reason of Slurry pump vibration

Generally speaking, slurry pump in normal work, should be very stable, there will not be too obvious vibration phenomenon. But if the slurry pump failure, or work environment problems, it will inevitably have the occurrence of abnormal phenomena, 

for example, obvious vibration.Then, the slurry pump usually, what are the reasons for the vibration phenomenon?

1, slurry pump coupling problems, will cause the machine vibration, this time we should replace the corresponding accessories, ensure the slurry pump work in the qualified range;

2, screw loosening phenomenon will cause obvious vibration phenomenon in slurry pump. Therefore, we need to ensure the slurry pump screw;

3, the quality of slurry pump and the use of time will be the vibration phenomenon resulting in the emergence of effect. Therefore, we should try to choose a good quality slurry pump;

4, if it is found that the vibration when accompanied by the sound of evacuation, on behalf of the slurry pump evacuated. Therefore, we need to check in time is evacuated.

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