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What are the methods of regulating the flow of slurry pump

Slurry flow can be adjusted. Although the flow of slurry pumps is higher, then slurry velocity there would be faster, but also will more easily caused the phenomenon of wear of slurry pump. Therefore, in order to reduce the slurry pump wear phenomena appear, and can ensure the work efficiency, suitable flow can make slurry pump can better work.

Then, the method of adjusting the flow of slurry pump what are the specific? Let's get together for a look:

1, pump speed. Slurry pump speed faster, then the natural flow will become more high. Therefore, using the speed adjustment method can well regulate the flow.

2, the size of the diameter of the pipe will of the slurry pump flow impact, through the selection of suitable diameter pipes, can also be making restrictions on the flow;

3, slurry pump blade installation angle is different, then performance of slurry pump slurry will be certain to change. Therefore, to select the appropriate installation angle is also very important.Therefore, through the above method, we can successfully make the flow of slurry pump can be effectively regulate the, so that our slurry pump can be more efficient and safer to work.

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