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The process of transformation of the characteristics of slurry pump

Slurry pumps are widely used in mines, power plants, metallurgy, chemical field. It not only energy saving than similar products, to the atmosphere from haze "claws" to contribute. With the development of science and technology, technology of slurry pump is rising.

Slurry pump cancel three section grinding and mill with the second section mill used in parallel, an increase of two section mill volume, mill volume by the configuration 4.5:4:3 variable for configuration 4.5:7, series of single flow reduction, to meet the needs of the process. By adding water to the pump in the pump, reducing the concentration of the screw feeder, so that it can reach the design requirements, and further improve the working efficiency of the hydrocyclone. Through a combined rating of hydrocyclones and fine screening process, reducing the into the sieve material concentration, improve into the sieve material qualified particle fraction and final concentrate fineness.

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