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What is the hydraulic power effects for slurry pump work

For slurry pump, hydraulic pump can make factors for normal work very important influence.hydraulic slurry pump can make more convenient, also can let the slurry pump can be more stable, safe work. But if the hydraulic not normal, it may 

cause the slurry pump vibration phenomenon, and even lead to failure.

What factors will affect the hydraulic slurry pump? Let's get together for a look:

1, slurry pump, the inlet velocity are too high or too low, will affect the working efficiency of the slurry pump, high flow will result in slurry pump by the impact of water flow, and more easily damaged.

2, water pressure is an important influence factor, if uneven pressure distribution, then it is possible that will lead to water pump and slurry pump cavitation phenomenon, resulting in slurry pump vibration;

3, the water too slow will cause of slurry pump speed is too slow, lower work efficiency, so that the operation of slurry pump becomes difficult.

Therefore, suitable water to make slurry pump is more stable, pay attention to hydraulic changes, note slurry pump valve opening and closing work can be avoided because of the hydraulic change and of the slurry pump caused by impact.

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