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Factors leading to the fault of slurry pump

There are many factors of slurry pump fault factors, lead to different fault is not the same. However, most of the slurry pump fault is can be solved by analyzing the slurry pump fault. Therefore, we must to understand the resulting slurry pump fault phenomenon.

What are the factors causing slurry pump failure phenomenon? Let's get together to understand:

1, because of the filter materials, which improve the slurry pump wear phenomenon, resulting in slurry pump malfunction. This time we want to wear parts of the slurry pump is easy to take protective measures to resolve;

2, the influence of slurry pump motor power is also very critical, unreasonable speed is relatively easy to cause slurry pump appears the phenomenon of damage;

3, slurry pump seal failure will lead to failure of the slurry pump, regular inspection of slurry seal to ensure sealing to ensure the normal work of the slurry pump.

Factors causing slurry pump failure, can be divided into several kinds of above. To avoid the above reasons, reduce the failure to make slurry pump work more efficiently.

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