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How To Install Slurry Pump in shijiazhuang gravel slurry pump industry

1.all the parts are checking whether there is defect, all paper pad to both sides to be coated with a layer of grease in bearing book, plus 2/3 butter.

2. the framework oil seal must be filled with butter into the slurry pump seat, then loaded on the bearing

3. the sleeve is arranged on the 0 type seal ring with butter .

4. the bearing is arranged on the motor seat, put a pad of paper, oil retaining ring, mounted on the shaft and the supporting tube is fixed by screws.

5. put on a pad of paper, mounted on the bearing, shaft sleeve, keys, a pump seat and the impeller, impeller nut is tightened by hand after the rotating impeller, flexible rotation can be.

6. put a pad of paper mounted pump shell, fixed with screws and mount the filter. Then the hand pulling impeller, flexible rotation can be.

7. pump shaft is provided with a key and a driven shaft coupling, the shaft of the motor is installed on the key and the active coupling, then a fixed motor and motor seat bolts. Installed after the axial gap between the requirements and active 

coupling and driven shaft coupling should be 1-1.5 mm.

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