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The temperature of the fluid make effection of the slurry pump

The temperature of the slurry pumps in fluid for the normal operation of the slurry pump will cause very big effect, no matter is the fluid temperature is too high or low temperature, are likely to cause damage in slurry pump, resulting in a decline in the service life of slurry pump, at room temperature using slurry pump can let the slurry pump used longer time.

So, what are the effects of the fluid temperature of slurry pump? Let's get together for a look:If slurry pump in fluid temperature is too high, it will lead to the increase of the slurry pump cavitation phenomenon, resulting in slurry pump more vulnerable to cavitation effects. And high temperature is very likely will lead to failure in slurry pump motor, resulting in slurry pump to normal operation.

But low temperature have very fluid may lead to decreased mobility, or the emergence of icing, resulting in too hard items into the slurry pump, of the slurry pump caused by wear phenomena, so that the service life of slurry pump in a sharp decline.

Therefore, in order to make the slurry pump work efficiency and the service life can be guaranteed, we must strictly control the fluid temperature.

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