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The reason and solutions of slurry pump impeller don't turn when after start

The slurry pump in normal after the start, the slurry pump impeller will rotate normally, thus processing the slurry of materials. But if after the discovery of the slurry pump start, impeller rotation phenomenon, usually because of slurry pump 

failure, leading to. Therefore, we need to find the cause of slurry pump impeller is not rotating after start-up and the solutions.

Here, to tell you about the specific reasons, the impeller is not rotating pump after start-up and solutions:

1, because the packing too tight which leads to the slurry pump impeller and pump body because of debris and blocked. Therefore, we need to relax the slurry pump packing, and dredge flume;

2, slurry pump impeller bearing corrosion phenomena, resulting in the impeller to rotate, then we need to the slurry pump rust treatment;

3, the correction of slurry pump bearing bending can also repair of slurry pump impeller rotation phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal work of the slurry pump.

Above is when after the start of the slurry pump, impeller rotation and the specific solution, but still need to diligent maintenance slurry pumps can reduce the slurry pump failure.

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