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what are the dangers of slurry pumps which reversal of the phenomenon

The slurry pumps operation if not handled properly, it would lead to reversal of the phenomenon, which is a kind of slurry pump failure. Therefore, in order to avoid slurry inversion phenomenon, we need to be well slurry inspection and maintenance 

work, in order to avoid slurry pump failure.

So, what are the dangers slurry pumps reversal ? Let us take a look:

1, if the slurry pumps reversal phenomenon occurs, it will lead to slurry pump can not work properly, resulting slurry pump motor damaged phenomenon;

2, and if the slurry pumps reversed, it would lead to anti-spray slurry material, resulting in the pollution of the work environment;

3, and if this occurs frequently, it will lead to slurry pump impeller, front fender and other parts of the emergence of the phenomenon of corruption.

These are the slurry inversion phenomenon may occur harm, therefore, in order to avoid these risks, we have to prevent the reversal phenomenon.

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