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Slurry pump cavitation occurs reasons in the operation

Slurry pumps cavitation occurs reasons in the operation

1. by pump cavitation performance itself.

2. suction characteristics of the device. Wherein the slurry itself is a major factor, so the slurry pump cavitation fundamental measures to address the problem is to improve the anti-cavitation performance of the pump itself. Reasonable selection of inhaler device may also help prevent pump cavitation.

How avoid Slurry pump cavitation occurs:

     1. Select the appropriate geometrical parameters:

     2. The use of double-suction inlet and lower pump speed, can reduce the pump inlet flow rate.

     3. Using inducer can improve pump cavitation specific speed.

     The increase means NPSH, suction piping as short and straight, reducing the number of bends and valves.

     5. Reduce temperature of the fluid, i.e., reduce vapor pressure head.

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