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How to adjust the slurry pumps flow?

Slurry pumps in the daily production process, users want their with flow, high power. So the question is slurry flow is very important one, and in addition to the traffic and speed related, but also with each revolution of displacement related 

to the parameters that determine the head pressure, motor power set, and that the outer flow and pressure is theoretically in inverse relation.

       How to adjust the slurry pumps flow: change the pipeline characteristic curve, it is to change the slurry flow easiest way, that is, using the pump outlet valve opening to control, and its essence is to change the location of the pipeline characteristic curve to change the pump operating point. Slurry characteristic curve changes according to the law of proportionality law and cutting, change the pump speed, change the pump structure, for example, two methods of cutting impeller diameter method can change the characteristic curve of centrifugal pumps, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating traffic.

Operating point deviation efficient district governor of the basic conditions required slurry. When the slurry pump speed changes, the valve opening remains the same, but usually are open to the maximum degree, the pipeline system characteristics unchanged, while the water supply capacity and lift characteristics change. Change the pump speed, so that the pump characteristic curve increased or decreased, so that the pump characteristics and the device characteristics of the 

intersection position is changed, the pump flow also will be changed to achieve the purpose of flow regulation.

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