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you need to pay attention to the specification when choose Slurry pump

We know that the slurry pump design choice questions on the specifications of the slurry can be safely used for longer time and can play an important role in stability. A compliant product design, may be directly related to the slurry can achieve the best work form.Tell functioning slurry has the following features:

First, the operating rate of slurry fast and stable, less energy consumption.

Secondly protection applications slurry of relatively long time, saving production costs.

Finally, all systems operating normally, not because of a minor accident while the slurry system damage. So, before going into production, we must choose according to their strength slurry. 

you can refer to:

Slurry enterprises in the design are carried out in accordance with the reference, but the reference accuracy directly affect the selection of the normative.

    Work experience rich selection division. If there is a selection of the work of a skilled teacher will be very necessary,it is because he is in daily design work has been quite strong combat capability, the customer's requirements are very understanding of the work of the slurry have a good experience.

Shijiazhuang Gravel Slurry Pump Industry Co.,ltd. has mature experiences for many years on research & manufacture and application of slurry pump .Meanwhile based on technology introduction ,the perfect product series has been developed which covers full range for application.

Professional in supplying all kinds of mine slurry pumps and spare parts, like rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, gravel slurry pump,and clean water pump, etc.

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