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Solutions to WARMAN AH Slurry Pump problems

1.Check direction of rotation and replace a new impeller.    
2.Removal the rub.Replace the bearing.Adjust belt.Modify the pump duty and speed. Adjust drive and pump shaft.

3.Lubricating as requirements. Replace clean lubricant.Replace new bearing.

4.Adjusting drive and pump shaft. Replacing shaft.Remove rubbing and replace new impeller. Clean the bearing. Replace or refit the bearings.

5.Replaced by new bearings. Replaced by new impeller. Discharge air and remove block. Improve on the slurry pump feeding.

ZJ Slurry Pump


All slurry pumps’names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purpose only and do not imply that any part or pump listed is the product of weir pumps or warman pumps.

We are a good slurry pump manufacturer,our slurry pumps contain MH, ZJ, ZGB series slurry pump which also belong to abrasive slurry pump, you can choose without any doubt.    

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