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Warman AH slurry pumps Prossible faults and removal

Warman AH slurry pumps Prossible faults and removal:

Warman AH slurry pump has a compact construction. If it is correctly installed and operated, the pump will have a long life.

What is the Warman AH slurry pump faults? 

  1. Warman Pump fails to discharge any liquid.Incorrect direction of pump rotation and impeller worn.Suction pipe blocked2.Power consumption on shaft is excessive.Rotating component is rubbing on a stationary part.Bearing worn.Drive belt tension 

  2. too tight Flow rate too large Pump speed and ratio too high.Misalignment or unparallel of drive shaft and pump shaft.

3. Bearing is over hearing.Lubricants too much or less.Containing impurities in the

Lubricant .Bearing worn.

4. Bearing has short life.Misalignment or unparallel of drive and pump motor.Shaft bent.Impeller unbalanced due to wear Foreign object entered into the bearing or insufficient lubrication Incorrect procedure followed in fitting bearings.

5.Pump vibrates or is noisy.Bearings worn.Impeller unbalanced.Air entered into suction pipe or blocked.Flow rate is none uniform and pump not primed.

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