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The applications of Slurry Pumps, do you know?(2)

In design, slurry pumps are manufactured from a large assortment of materials. They are usually larger in size than normal liquid pumps, but this is merely a generality and most pump manufacturers can engineer slurry pumps to a variety of sizes. The primary factor in slurry pump design is the application for which the pump will be used. Rubber-lined pumps, for example, are effective for liquids containing fine particulate, while hard metal is necessary for rough solids.

Centrifugal pumps 

By and large, slurry pumps are manufactured to withstand a great deal of wear, and most perform in harsh environments with relatively little maintenance. These pumps can run trouble-free for extended periods of time in extreme conditions, even submerged.

Centrifugal pumps are often employed as slurry pumps. These pumps operate through the movement of a fixed impeller on a rotating shaft. This impeller is contained within a casing, and its movement generates centrifugal force, creating pressure in the fluid being pumped.

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