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The applications of Slurry Pumps, do you know?(1)

Slurry pumps are applied to transport viscous liquids and liquids carrying solid particles. These pumps are designed so that particulate does not damage or degrade the pump components, or cause significant clogging. There are a great variety of slurry pumps, each kind with different concentrations and consistencies of slurry.

slurry pump

In many applications, the use of a slurry pump is necessary. However, there are a variety of applications where the use of a slurry pump, although equally necessary, is far less evident. In these situations, companies can waste a great amount of money on pump repair, maintenance and replacement—money that could have been saved by the installation of a slurry pump. 

Slurry pump can be divided into many kinds. In our company, there are rubber slurry pump, vertical slurry pump, ZGB slurry pump, etc. their application will be produced in next time.

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